Monday, August 29, 2011

Little Girls

I consider myself to be an expert on little girls!

Of course, I was one, once upon a time, AND I am

raising 5 of my own.

(Ammorae 5 years old)

They want to be a "Big Girl" from the moment go! They want to dress up and wear their

mama's shoes.

(Aydan in my wedding shoes)

They want to wear make-up and get their nails done!

(Ava in my special sparkly heels daddy gave me)

They want to pretend like they are getting married and taking

care of their babies.

(Addy in my RED brighton's)

They want to wear apron's and learn to cook and pretend to

vacuum and mop the floors.

In becoming an expert on anything you have to experience a lot of something.

Experience is a present tense word.

Presently, I am BLESSED with being able to daily experience

the most amazing job and life that God could have ever given me.

Just like a friend of mine describes my family, I LOVE my

Little Women!

God be with today, tomorrow, and forever bringing up these little women.

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