Monday, July 25, 2011

Bryan Family Vacation

We were planning on going to the beach this week. Ammorae has been several times, but the rest of the little girls haven't. It's been a couple of years since we've had an opportunity to travel as a family. As packing time drew near our plans changed.

Main Street Kiowa Ks

Jeff''s Grandma hasn't been feeling well and he felt an urgency to come back to Kansas to spend time visiting. So at day's beginning yesterday we packed up the family truckster and headed towards Tulsa and onward to Kansas.

Initially the girls were bummed, Ammorae might still be ribbing her dad, but mostly it only lasted a moment. The beach and new adventures on one hand and good old Kiowa KS on the other. My little girls are more than happy to vacation in the plains. Spending time with Gramma & Papa is priceless. Papa has the Gator revved up and he even bought an extra battery, so there will be no down time. The Rope Factory has more than a enough entertainment to spread around. We might even take a trip to the Alabaster Caverns and Cowtown and we are throwing a little birthday party for Ava while we are here.

It was 108 degrees when we pulled into to town. WHEW!!!
Jeff has an itch to go "junking" with his Grandpa, if the heat doesn't disintegrate them. There are so many precious memories in this little town.

We ARE finishing our Family Fest in Branson for a few days of BIG FUN! Here's to the Bryan Family Vacation of 2011!

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