Saturday, March 13, 2010

Something we are wrestling with...

...well, to make a LONG story as short as I can- we are looking for a home to move into quickly! We live in a beautiful home right now on 72 acres and LOVE it. It's a medium sized home and it's very easy to maintain, and my kids love the freedom to roam, play, fish, and ride their dune buggies. The "perfect" home is not priced to sell right now and when it is it will be OUT OF THIS WORLD!

So according to OUR "plan" and our budget we aren't able to purchase a more permanent home until the first of next year. At least we have a plan, right? So it's been torturous to lease this home and "throw" the money away. I guess it's how you look at it. We've been looking and looking and haven't had any luck. We wanted to move before the new baby came and will have to extend or terminate our current lease May 31st. Jeff found a home with an owner who will be flexible and allow a lease to own option, Praise Jesus, but it has no backyard and a swimming pool. A pool usually would be a daydream for a big family, but it scares me to death with so many small children. The home is a fixer upper, but I enjoy that. It is in a wonderful small retired community, which sounds great to us, and it's only 1 mi. from Jeff's work and 2 mi. from the girls' school and church!

What to do, what to do? If any of my Arkansas friends read this, I'd love to hear you weigh in. Also, keep us in mind if you know of any properties that are available. We'd like to have four bedrooms and a backyard, not asking for much, but we'd also hope to have owner financing. We are flexible and are praying that God leads us where HE wants us.

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  1. We grew up around pools (we didn't have one, but it seems everyone else did), and with 7 kids, I think I was the only one to fall in - and that's when I was the only one! Your kids are going to grow up, and the pool will provide hours of entertainment right in your own backyard. You'll be the cool house with the pool. And there are great gate systems that can help keep the little ones out. I would say to not let the pool keep you from the house - make it about the rest of the things the house has to offer. And if it's not the house for you because of everything else, so be it.